Community Service at Novo Ranch for Teens

Community Service work is a valued therapeutic component of Novo Ranch for troubled teens, and we take community service seriously. Through community service projects the students of Novo Ranch receive leadership training and mentorship as they learn how to serve others and their community.  Our community service program is an outreach to the community, and an all-around life-transforming experience for our students. 
The service to the community helps shape the life of our students in profound and long lasting ways. Our hope is that the community service program will provide an unforgettable impact, and possibly becoming a part of their lives forever.  Instinctually serving others as a "way life."
At Novo Ranch community service is a life-changing experience. We continually focus on developing students into positive, confident young people by “transforming service work into life long behaviors.”

Teens Learn and Grow Through Serving Others

Through our "high-risk intervention model," our community service projects are designed to keep young people in school and on the right track. For example, when assisting the elderly and individuals with disabilities we have found that troubled teens blossom.  One missing factor with many "troubled teens" is the skill set that comes about by serving others.  
Troubled teens are typically self-centered and therefore they have a strong sense of "emptiness".  They attempt to fill that emptiness with the wrong stuff (drugs, sex, fun, etc.).  When troubled teens help others independent and healthy lifestyles through assistance with food deliveries and landscape maintenance.
During Pride Cup week, we always hear kids share their stories with staff as “the best week of their lives,” or how coming to camp is an “escape from stress at home.” Campers commonly come to the realization that the world is good, and amazing people exist who really care about their success and growth.

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